Tiago Silva Nunes works at the intersection of photography, film, sculpture and painting.
After a period as an independent researcher at the Yale Center for British Art and the Beinecke Library in New Haven, the focus of his work shifted to explore issues around the nature of representation and abstraction, color and space.
His earlier work explored fictional perspectives around the themes of the individual, the city and landscape in the contemporary metropolis, more specifically in London, Beijing, Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro.
His films have been screened at Raindance London, Indie Lisboa, São Paulo Film Festival and Illumenation Helsinki.
He studied film and architecture in Lisbon, Venice and Amsterdam. He lives and works in Lisbon.
Solo Shows
2012     Fonseca Macedo | Os Dias que Passam
2012     Pente 10 | Plum Blossoms
2011      Arquivo Fotográfico Lisboa | Os Dias que Passam
2010     Fonseca Macedo | Broken Strangers
2010     Encontros Imagem Braga | Broken Strangers
Artist Residence & Collections
White to White: the American Southwest | FLAD
Three Shadows Photography Art Centre | Beijing
Novo Banco Arte | Lisboa
Agatha Ruiz de La Prada | Madrid
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