Spiral Jetty — Robert Smithson

Sun Tunnels — Nancy Holt

Bonneville Salt Flats — after Rachel Kushner

Double Negative — Michael Heizer

At the end of Rasor Road — after Reyner Banham

Zabriskie Point — after Michelangelo Antonioni

Venice Beach Skate Park — after Stacey Peralta

Palm Springs

Taliesin West — Frank Lloyd Wright

Arcosanti — Paolo Soleri

Red Rock Crossing — after Nicholas Ray

Sawtooth Mountains — after Walter De Maria

Acoma Pueblo — after Cormac McCarthy

Ghost Ranch — after Georgia O'Keeffe

San Francisco de Asis de Ranchos de Taos — after Paul Strand

Taos Pueblo

White Sands Missile Range — after Thomas Pynchon

Fifteen Untitled Works in Concrete — Donald Judd


Architecture Studio — Judd Foundation

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